Your Brankas account is managed through the Brankas Dashboard.

This section provides information on topics related to managing your Brankas account, such as account security, user team management.


When you want to register, you can visit this link. The only informations required are:

After providing the required information from the form above, you can login and these are the available benefits for you:

  • To have sandbox access that enables you:

    • To create API key for sandbox or test mode
    • To test our API in sandbox or test mode
  • To invite your team to try our API together

  • To see any transaction created in sandbox in each product dashboard

  • To configure your sandbox environment for product use like:

    • Callback URL
    • Business name or company name in sandbox
    • Add destination account for testing Direct product
    • Add source and beneficiary account for testing Disburse product

Manage Team Member

To invite your team, you can invite them into your team member by following this step by step guide:

  • Open and login to Brankas Dashboard

  • Go to user menu, you also can access it by clicking this link

  • Click Invite New User

  • Input the required information

  • After you submit the data, the invited user will get an invitation email to manage the organization account according to the role that you choose. Roles available for the user are:

    • Admin
      Admin can do anything on top of the org account
    • Approver
      Approver can access features to approve transactions on product dashboard and view created and approved transaction
    • Accountant
      Accountant can access features to create transactions on product dashboard and view created and approved transaction
    • Developer
      Developer only able to access view created and approved transaction and also create API Key
    • Operation
      Operation only able to see the created transaction

Update User Account

As an organization admin you can update the user information from the user menu. The available data to update is:

  • Full name
  • Email Address
  • Job title
  • Phone Number, and
  • Role