Brankas Disburse allows you to pay out or move funds from one source account to multiple accounts efficiently and securely through Brankas APIs. Brankas Disburse is suitable for aggregators and facilitators.

Aggregators allow merchants to store funds within their platforms. Funds will be used as a deposit for disbursements according to the merchant’s requests. Disbursement aggregators act as intermediaries between the merchants and the financial institutions.

Facilitators do not store merchant’s funds within it’s platform. The funds are stored in the merchant’s corporate bank account where the merchant will have full control over the funds being stored within. Disbursement facilitators act as an enablers for merchants to have direct access toward financial services from financial institutions.

Brankas currently acts as a disbursement facilitator which will allow merchants to get better access to disbursement functionalities offered by financial institutions in the South East Asia region.

Brankas Disburse