Merchants can integrate either via API or Brankas Dashboard.

API allows merchants to integrate Disburse to their current systems.. Through APIs, Merchants will be able to access functionalities such as account inquiry, disburse request, and status check. We know that merchants need access to multiple financial institutions, with Brankas API, merchants just need to integrate to Brankas APIs, and we’ll handle the rest of the complexity for you.

Brankas Dashboard allows merchants who may not need a system to system integration, or does not have the necessary resources as of that moment to start using Brankas disburse product without any needs of development. Within the dashboard, merchants can register source accounts and beneficiaries, create single and bulk disbursement, check latest status, and manage workflow so that disbursements are executed with approvals. Brankas dashboard also allows our Merchants to access our other products when deemed necessary.

Single disbursement

Single disbursement allows merchants to perform disbursement to a single beneficiary account. To execute a single disbursement, a merchant has to add source and beneficiaries accounts in the Settings.

Single disbursement

Bulk disbursement

Bulk disbursement allows merchants to disburse funds to multiple beneficiaries accounts via a CSV file. Merchants are to list out disbursements and destination accounts. Bulk disbursement can process up to 1000 disbursements in a single request. To execute a bulk disbursement, merchants have to add beneficiaries accounts in Settings.