Pay Overview

Bank transfer is still the main mode of payment in Southeast Asia. In fact, 94% of online merchants in Indonesia alone offer it as a payment option with Vietnam and Philippines at 80% and Thailand at 79%.

Brankas Pay provides SMEs with an API-driven payment solution that allows them to have one-click payable invoices. By leveraging Brankas Pay, SMEs are able to execute fund transfer based transactions over a growing basket of banks via a single set of APIs.

Home businesses are now common. Covid-19 has moved brick and mortar stores online and at home. Payments are manually made via bank transfers where merchants share their bank account details (may contain more than 10 numbers). Customers who do not use online or mobile banking need to go to a bank or ATM and manually transfer funds to the merchant’s account. Merchants also require a proof of payment (photos of deposit slip or pictures of online fund transfers) which they verify by logging into their bank portals.

The process is tedious, and as with any manual task, is prone to human error. Pay allows merchants to generate a unique URL that allows end-users to make payments via the Brankas Direct IdP flow. Micro and small businesses can conveniently take payments via bank transfers.

Another key feature is a Transaction List page that gives merchants the visibility on all of the Pay invoice status and transactions that went through via the unique Direct IdP URL enabling merchants to reconcile payments.