Statement Overview

Brankas Statement provides you access to your customers’ financial transaction data. 

Our Statement service enables fintechs and financial service providers (FSPs) to leverage customer transaction information and deliver highly personalized financial services and applications.

You can use Brankas Statement for credit scoring, financial management applications, personalized cross-sell opportunities, and customer verification.

  • Credit scoring
    Combined with the right analytics (for example, predicted income, transaction categorization), and financial service providers, customer transaction data can be used to generate a credit score to determine credit-worthiness for both personal loans (for example, mortgage, auto loan, credit card, salary loan) and business loans.
  • Financial management applications
    Customer transaction data and bank statements can be used to enable financial management apps and services that help individual consumers keep track of their finances, identify discrepancies in billings, and file tax returns. Additionally, it helps businesses streamline their financial operations, especially in terms of generating transaction feeds for accounting purposes and periodic account reconciliation.
  • Personalised cross-sell/upsell opportunities
    Customer transaction data can be used to generate targeted financial product recommendations and marketing promotions based on analytics for increasing sales revenues.
  • Customer verification
    Bank statement retrieval can help in validating relevant financial data points (e.g., name verification, income verification).