Tap Overview

Brankas Tap is our front end interface that provides end-user authentication to link their bank accounts with Brankas so we are able to connect it with our APIs. Tap allows end-users to have a seamless experience while connecting to a selection of multitude of banks in Philippines and Indonesia.

Tap will handle user consent, bank credentials authentication, multi-factor authentication, user guidance and error messages preview that attempt to guide users on what to do after receiving error messages.

The following products will be able to use Tap to be able to connect the end-user’s bank accounts to our APIs.

Product Brankas Tap Available

Tap Enhancements

Tap Customization

Tap Customization is available on request in order to match Tap’s User Interface to your organization branding.

You will have the ability to tailor multiple customizable elements including color scheme, logos and font families in Tap to provide end-users an even better experience in transacting through Tap.

Please contact us to make a request.

Tap Remember Me

To provide a more smooth experience for returning users that have connected their bank account with Brankas, we offer a Remember Me feature that will allow them to skip bank credential authentication process and minimize friction.

End-users will be able to securely store their credentials on their device, which can then be submitted automatically for any subsequent API transaction.